Hello all!

I had previously mentioned:

Note: I will be strongly considering moving my group updates to Telegram or Discord TEMPORARILY,
until I complete the development of my Membership site,
with timely update notifications, and many other features.

Now, I have moved ahead and taken steps towards this move (be it Temporarily or Permanently),
to operate my group, from a more complete and familiar, communication platform: Discord

I will be testing out and setting up the Discord server in the coming days most likely.

I may also begin posting there at any point soon, and if I do so, I will be sure to update you all with the Invite Link, right away.

This website, ADtrading.org, will still be the “Core” of my group, or at least the part to become a verified and permitted user of the Discord server.

So, do check back here soon. I will post the invite link to the group’s new location, once I’m a bit comfortable with the Discord server’s operation.

Kind regards!